Maintenance Agreement


Do Estate Plans fail?


Yes, estate plans whether it be a will or trust can fail. Really? Yes. 


People tend to believe that once they sit down and design their estate plan, they're set for life. However, that cannot be further from the truth and can lead to a recipe for disaster. Our lives develop and change over time; things can unexpectedly happen that leave you in a situation that you never thought you would land in.


There are many life, family, and legal changes that can have a major impact on your original estate planning that you may have not even realized. Moving, retiring, births, deaths, divorce, remarriage, job changes, health changes, financial advisor changes, tax law changes, and case law changes—just to name a few. We see clients all the time with plans that have become so outdated that they wind up needing to start their planning all over again. We don’t want to see that happen to you.


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