Power of Attorney

Who Should You Name as Your Power of Attorney?

When you become sick or disabled – either temporarily or permanently – someone needs to be able to make the decisions for you. This is where Power of Attorneys can come into play – a Power of Attorney allows you to appoint someone that you TRUST to handle your affairs if you are temporarily or permanently sick or disabled.

Do not wait until you least expect it to have a Power of Attorney.


Without a Power of Attorney, your family may have to file a court petition seeking guardianship of the disabled person. This process can typically cost $4,000 to $50,000 and involves the Court as well as several lawyers versus a Power of Attorney costing $100.


It is important to ensure that your family has the tools to help you if you are unable to help yourself.


At The Law Office of Shirley A. Derke, Esq. we will ensure that you will have a Power of Attorney when you need a loved one or beneficiary to take action. You will be able to select a Power of Attorney that you trust and you know will make the right decision in the event of your incapacity.

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