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You can create a trust that permits you to be Trustee and gives you the right to receive full benefits from it.  This type of trust is typically referred to as a Revocable Living Trust and is often used as a substitute to your Will.  It permits you to keep total control and access to all your assets during your life, and provides for the distribution of your assets to your beneficiaries at your death.  We often refer to a revocable living trust as you’re a Book of Instructions.  A well established advantage to Revocable Living Trusts is the avoidance of probate, which is required if you use a will to distribute your assets after death. While a Revocable Living Trust has many advantages, it does not protect your assets from a nursing home, lawsuits, divorce bankruptcy or other creditors.


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A trust is a contract between the Grantor (also referred to as the Trustor, the person who creates the trust), the Trustee (one who controls the trust) and the beneficiaries (those entitled to benefit from the trust).  You, as Grantor, determine how the trust will be operated by the Trustee and who benefits, how and when. An Irrevocable Trust, once created, may prohibit your right to control the trust (as Trustee) or have access to your assets, but you get to decide to what extent.


It is a common misconception that irrevocable trusts, once created, cannot be changed.  While that is true of many irrevocable trusts created to avoid taxes (tax reduction or avoidance trusts), it is not true of all irrevocable trusts.  An irrevocable trust is a trust you create for the benefit of yourself or others and once created, you, as Grantor, must give up your right to something.


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If you own assets in your name alone, they may pass from you to the people you love, as long as you leave a Will.  Without a Will, your assets pass according to the State’s rules, also known as intestacy.  The State may not pass your assets to the people you care about.  You should be sure by creating a will.


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